How to Treat a Introvert

How to Treat a Introvert

Hello.  My name is Kat, and I am an introvert.

It’s true.  I fit the description to a T.  As a broad generalization, introverts are labeled as moody, self-critical, and introspective.  However, introversion at its core is characterized being drained by social events and recharged by spending time alone.

Due to the numerous common misconceptions that extroverts have about introverts, I made a list of six principles for dealing with an introvert.

  1. Introverts are not necessarily “antisocial.”  I like being with people.  Sometimes, though, simply sitting and watching the world will fulfill my social needs.
  2. Introverts do not always know how to tell you that they need you.  If they ask you what your plans are, they may be wanting to join you.  Invite them.
  3. Introverts are not “quiet.”  I can laugh, talk, and yell as loud as the next person (I was a cheerleader, after all).  Usually, though, my brain is loud enough that I don’t need external noise.
  4. If an introvert is staring at the floor, they are probably: finding the cure for cancer; creating a portable, lightweight, solar-powered water purifier; or mentally saving the world in some other way.  Just let them zone out for a while.
  5.  If you ask an introvert a general question (i.e. “How are you?”), you will receive a general response (“Fine”).  If you want to know the truth, look them in the eye.
  6. Respect an introvert’s personal bubble, but do not act like they are invisible.


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