100 Ways to Show Your Love

100 Ways to Show Your Love


This semester, I took a class about physical, cognitive, and psychosocial growth from birth through the teen years.  In addition to our textbook, we were required to read The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman.

I loved the book, and I read it within only a few days (even though we were supposed to read it throughout the whole semester).  As I read, I started thinking of ways that people have shown me love throughout my life.  I also pondered how I show my love for them.  Parents, extended family, significant others, children, and friends all need to feel our love.  The problem is that the words “I love you” sometimes seem inappropriate or inadequate.  Thankfully, there are hundreds of other ways to tell somebody that you love them.



Acts of Service

1. Make supper

2. Clean their room

3. Help with homework

4. Listen

5. Bake their favorite cookies

6. Do the dishes

7. Repair a broken object

8. Organize their dresser

9. Wash their car

10. Carry their shopping bags

11. Hold their coat

12. Wait while they are in the dressing room…no matter how long it takes

13. Turn up the radio when their favorite song is playing

14. Throw a party for them

15. Let them choose the movie

16. Practice their favorite sport with them

17. Offer your services free of charge

18. Bring in the newspaper

19. Do their yard work

20. Pack their bags for the day



Quality Time

1. Go for a walk

2. Take pictures together

3. Watch a movie

5. Play a game

6. Go fishing

7. Ride bikes

8. Visit a museum

9. Read to them

10. Bake a cake with them

11. Be silly!

12. Go window shopping

13. Complete a puzzle together

14. Maintain eye contact

15. Do a craft

16. Let a small child help with house work

17. Take them on a classic date–dinner and a movie

18. Plant a garden together

19. Attend a sporting event

20. Visit the zoo




1. Buy them new school supplies

2. Take them to their favorite restaurant

3. Let them choose a treat at the store

4. Surprise them with flowers

5. Make a collage of their favorite color

6. Create a scrapbook

7. Bring them coffee

8. Pin them as loved

9. Reward your child with stickers for positive behavior

10. Specifically ask them if there is a gift that they want, and then buy it for them

11. Finger-crochet a scarf

12. Make a birthday celebration last all week by giving a small present each day

13. Offer your last stick of gum

14. Hand down heirlooms

15. Send them your class notes

16. Leave a box of candy at their desk

17. Hide lots of little gifts at Christmas and provide clues to the presents’ locations

18. Order a subscription to their favorite magazine

19. Donate to a charity they support

20. Clip coupons that you know they can use




Words of Affirmation

1. “Great Work!”

2. Write an encouraging note

3. Compliment their outfit

4. Tell them that they are beautiful

5. Give them a nickname

6. “I am proud of you.”

7. Send a “good morning” text

8. “I understand why you are angry.”

9. Tell others your favorite things about the person you love

10. Display their artwork

11. “It makes me happy when you…”

12. Pray with them

13. Comfort them when they are sad

14. Write a verse or encouraging quote on their mirror

15.  “You are special to me because…”

16. Cheer for them as they play a game or run a race

17. Congratulate their accomplishments

18. Write a poem about them

19. Respond calmly when they make a mistake

20.  Keep a year-long list of something positive that they did each day




Physical Touch

1. Rub their back

2. Brush their hair

3. Give them a manicure

4. Wrestle with them

5. Rock them to sleep

6. Give a hug

7. Play “Patty-cake”

8. Hold their hand

9. Hold them in your lap

10. Take a selfie with them

11. Push them on the swing

12. Cuddle

13. Have a “tickle fight”

14. Kiss

15. Put your arm around them

16. Give them a pat on the back

17. Carry them

18. Massage their sore muscles

19. Play “footsies”

20. Let them wear your jacket


How do you show love to those around you?  What is your love language?

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