Closing Comraderies: June {Top Ten Tuesday}

Closing Comraderies: June {Top Ten Tuesday}


After a few months on the road, I will be home in less than a week!  For me, that means spending time with family and sleeping in my own room.  For you, that means the end of pre-scheduled posts.

Since today is the last day of June, it is time for another Closing Comraderies post.  However, I decided to do something a little different this month.  Below are ten of my favorite blogs (some of these have been comrades before, but they still deserve to be on the list).  Although I do not necessarily agree with everything that some of these blogs promote, I regularly frequent them and am inspired by their posts.  I hope you enjoy their pages as well!

My Ten Favorite Blogs

1. Refashionista

Refashionista is one of the first blogs I ever began following.  When I first found Jillian, I spent hours looking through her hundreds of refashions.  Here’s a fun fact:  before I had my own blog, I was featured on Refashionista!

2. What I Wore 2day

No one in the world dresses quite like Kasmira.  I admire her eccentric pairings and bold pattern mixes.  I will never pull off an outfit like she can!

3. The Oatmeal Artist

It was love at first bite when I tried Erin’s Orange Dreamsicle Overnight Oatmeal.  The rest is history.

4. Blogilates

I consider Cassey my personal trainer.  She posts new Pilates videos every Monday, and she regularly posts nutrition videos as well.  Unlike many online fitness instructors, Cassey is real and actually lives like a human.

5. North Western Images

Andy takes such gorgeous photos!  Every shot that he posts makes me want to pack up and travel to the North West.

6. Chocolate Covered Katie

Even though I don’t eat chocolate, I love looking through Katie’s gorgeous recipes.  In fact, I use her Voluminous Oatmeal Trick regularly during the school year.

7. Freckle Me Silly

With a balanced mix of humor and seriousness, Briana’s blog is sure to brighten your day.

8. Home-Made

If you are looking for simple, inexpensive DIY projects, this blog is perfect for you!

9. Eat, Pray, Work it Out

This recent college graduate simply posts about her day-to-day life.  The blog may be modest, but it is not mundane!

10. Laura Beth Eason

Like me, Laura posts about a little bit of everything.  One of the best lines I have read on her blog said, “If God is calling you to do something, then he already knows you are fully capable of doing it!”

I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs!  See you soon đŸ™‚

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