30 before 30: Summer Camp

30 before 30: Summer Camp

You may be wondering where I have been the past seven weeks.  Here, let me show you:

CITC path

I have been working as a photographer for Pine Cove’s Camp in the City, a ministry that takes camp to churches around the southeast.

For the first week, I “learned the ropes” of being a camp photographer.  Most of the week was spent shooting pictures of my new friends.

The second week was designated for full staff orientation.  This is when I met the rest of my “team” and learned the general camp rules.

After the two weeks of training and orientation in Tyler, TX, our group set off to host day camps.  Here’s where we went:

  • Week one (May 31-June 6):  North Metro Church in Marietta, GA

North Metro Church was very generous to our staff.  Being the first week, I had fun, but I spent most of the week trying to get “into a groove.”

  • Week two (June 7-13): Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN

June 7-13 was the best week of my life. I fell in love with my host family, built deeper relationships with my coworkers, and thoroughly enjoyed my job. During the week, I decided that I would love working at Pine Cove the rest of my life. Nothing will ever compare to the week I spent at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN. 

  • Week three (June 14-20): Bridgeway Church in Copper Canyon, TX

After two amazing weeks, I was anxious to see what the third week would hold. This week was very different, but just as great.  Despite Hurricane Bill’s rainy attack, the children enjoyed every aspect of Camp in the City. 


  • Week four (June 21-27): Pathway Church in Burleson, TX

Pathway Church provided another overflowing week of camp.  By week four, I felt like a seasoned pro at taking pictures of camp and constructing a slideshow of weekly highlights.


  • Week five (June 28-July 4): First United Methodist Church in Victoria, TX

My final week as photographer was bittersweet. As always, I loved taking pictures and seeing more of the country.  At the same time, I was eager to return home and see family.  

I could not have asked for a better seven weeks!

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