Kaleidoscope lives – Guaranteed Gold {Queen of Sheba}

Kaleidoscope lives – Guaranteed Gold {Queen of Sheba}


Rich, distinguished

Traveling, questioning, doubting

Sight gave her belief

Beholding, honoring, believing

Humbled, fulfilled

Queen of Sheba

“You are undeniably mad!” Exclaimed the queen. “There is absolutely no possibility of a man being so wise. You must take me to be the most gullible individual on earth”

Despite being told by numerous subjects of the grandeur of King Solomon of Israel, the Queen of Sheba refused to believe such claims. While the prospect of his immaculate wealth did not surprise her (she was quite prosperous herself), the fame of his intelligence seemed unlikely. No human individual could possibly rule so cunningly.

As Solomon’s fame spread throughout the world, the queen decided to visit Solomon and test his supposed knowledge. Loading a caravan with gold, jewels, and spices, she traveled the journey to Jerusalem, armed with hundreds of pressing questions for the acclaimed king.

Upon her arrival in Jerusalem, the queen was awed by Solomon’s vast houses, temple, and servants. Everything was beautifully arrayed and immaculate. “King Solomon,” she started, “I have some questions for you.”

Hours later, the queen sat dumbfounded. Solomon had easily answered every question she had presented. It was as if he knew everything!

Once the Queen of Sheba had gathered her thoughts, she addresses King Solomon a final time. “The outlandish stories my servants told me were true! I did not – I could not – believe the claims until I met you and heard your wisdom with my own ears. But they did not even tell of half of your brilliance! Your wisdom and prosperity exceed the stories I had heard! I honor your God for appointing you as judge and ruler!”

The queen then gifted spices, gold, and precious stones to Solomon, and she contentedly returned to her country with her servants.

The Queen of Sheba did not believe the magnitude of Solomon’s wisdom until she had seen it for herself.Β  Today, we cannot see God and His majesty.Β  However, we believe that He is omniscient and sitting on His throne in Heaven.Β  “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29)

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