Upcycled Earings

Upcycled Earings


I will be the first to tell you that I am frugal.  I make no qualms about it.  That is why I could not pass up this pair of $1 earrings.  When I bought them, they were simple gold medallions.  After a few years of wear, the edges began to turn green, and children at the daycare began asking me if the earrings changed color in the sun.  I decided it was time to either retire the earrings or recycle them in some way.

With a simple coat of paint, I gave these earrings a second life.


Up-cycled Earrings:


  • old earrings
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush


  • Use the paintbrush to coat the front of the earrings with a layer of paint.  Let dry.
  • Paint the back of the earrings.  Let dry.
  • Repeat steps one and two a couple times so that there are multiple layers of paint.
  • Wear your “new” earrings.

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