Closing Comraderies: July {Caroline Kristen}

Closing Comraderies: July {Caroline Kristen}


Before I even knew Caroline had a blog, I asked her to be my Closing Comrade for the month of July.  Caroline is my suite mate at college, and when I saw this poem hanging on her wall, I knew that I wanted to share it on my blog.  A few weeks ago, Caroline sent me a link to her blog, and I was happy to find that she has many more beautiful poems to share.  Be sure to check out her page!


You are beautiful,
No matter what anyone else says,
No matter what anyone else thinks about you.
Their opinions do not define you;
God does.
He knows who you are:
You are His.
No one can take that away from you;
Not your so-called friends,
Not your enemies,
Not even a guy in whom you want to find your worth;
Your identity is found in Him.
The One Who gave Himself for you,
The One Who loved you enough to take your imperfection
And turn it into something beautiful.
The One Who saw your worthless and helpless state
And saved your life from an eternity of hell,
Making you worthy in His sight because of Christ.
He loves you.
Isn’t He enough?
Isn’t He worth living for?
Love Him…
Because He loves you
More than you will ever comprehend
And He is enough…

Copyright © 2015 Caroline K. Schools

Poem by Caroline Kristen

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