Kaleidoscope Lives: Job’s Wife {Afflicted Ash}

Kaleidoscope Lives: Job’s Wife {Afflicted Ash}



Blessed, Opulent

Doting, Rejoicing, Living

All she had disappeared

Grieving, Cursing, Lamenting

Discontent, Despondant

Job’s Wife

Her children were dead; all ten of them had been crushed under a falling roof. Her luxurious life was over; the 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, and 500 donkeys that funded the family were gone. Some had been stolen by Sabeans and Chaldeans. Others had been consumed by a heavenly fire. Either way, she had become poor in a matter of minutes. There was no one to help her; all of her servants were gone as well. To make matters worse, her husband was covered in sores and using broken pottery to scrape his itchy skin. Anything that could have gone wrong had gone wrong. Job’s wife was miserable.
Boldly, she approached her husband. “Why are you trying to retain integrity?” She demanded. “Curse God and die.”
Job quickly rebuked her. “You are speaking foolishly! Should we only accept good from the Lord and not accept pain?”
When hard times come, do you respond with the patience of Job or the discontentment of his wife?

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