Closing Comrades: August {Joshi Daniel Photography}

Closing Comrades: August {Joshi Daniel Photography}


It is the 31st day of August, and you know what that means.  Today you will meet my twelfth and final Closing Comrade.  This month, I am featuring Joshi Daniel, a photographer from India who takes amazing shots of the people he sees.  I hope you enjoy looking through his photos and visiting his site.


Black and white silhouette of Abilash Thankan leaping with an umbrella in his hand in Trivandrum, Kerala

“Twinkling Eyes”

Portrait of a little boy during the festival of Holi in Sowcarpet, Chennai

“Somasa Seller on the Street”

A samosa seller crossing the road in T. Nagar in Chennai

“Paniya tribe woman from Wayanad”

Black and white portrait of a Paniya woman with a large ear plug from Wayanad, Kerala

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