Kaleidoscope Lives: Deborah {Abrupt Azure} and Jael {Wily White}

Kaleidoscope Lives: Deborah {Abrupt Azure} and Jael {Wily White}

KaleidoscopeTransacting the Proselytes


Rolling her eyes, Deborah called to Barak. Like a coward, he was hiding in his house rather than leading the nation. “Didn’t God tell you to gather the army at Mt. Tabor to defeat Sisera? God promised that he would give you victory, but you are sitting idly!”

Barak sheepishly twisted his hands together. “I-if you come with me, I will go,” he stammered.

Deborah sighed. Why would this man not stand up and obey God? “Okay,” she said. “I will go, but you will not receive glory; the Lord will lead Sisera into the hand of a woman.”

Days later, Sisera ran. He knew that the Hebrew army, which had just killed all of his soldiers, was on his heels, and he did not want to meet the same fate as his army. If he could make it as far as Heber’s tent, he would be safe. Heber had pledged loyalty to King Jabin. Surely he would be friendly to Sisera as well.

Heber’s wife, Jael, greeted Sisera at the front of the tent. As she hid him under a rug, Sisera requested a drink of water. Within moments, Jael brought him a skin of milk, which Sisera eagerly drank.

“Keep watch at the tent door,” requested Sisera. “If anyone asks, there is no one in the tent.” With that command, Sisera fell asleep, finally safe, full, and content.

His security was short-lived, however. Jael had cunningly given him milk to lull him to sleep, and she took advantage of his slumber. With hopes of assisting Israel, Jael quietly drove a tent peg through Sisera’s temple.

When Sisera’s pursuer, Barak, passed by, Jael relayed the story to the Jewish commander. Israel’s enemy had been defeated by a Gentile housewife. Once again, God used an unexpected source to protect His people.

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