Top Ten Tuesday: God’s Animals

Top Ten Tuesday: God’s Animals

Junior year is flying away as we speak.  Already, I have attended many classes and meetings, made coffee for dozens of sleep-deprived students, and talked with residents on my hall into the late night hours.  I enjoy being an elementary education student, even if I am not yet convinced that I really want to be a teacher.  I like working in the coffee shop, even if I don’t drink coffee myself.  I love talking to the girls on my hall and listening to their needs.

One of the requirements for my elementary education major is teaching lessons in a fifth grade class at a local elementary school.  Last Friday, I taught my first lesson–how to summarize nonfiction.  Today, I am teaching a science lesson on food chains.  As I was preparing the lesson, I began thinking about God’s amazing creatures and how they rely on each other.  Eagles need turtles.  Turtles need worms.  Worms need plants.  Plants need fertilization.  Without any one of those links, the whole cycle would fail.

Nothing and no one other than an omnipotent, omniscient God could make everything work together perfectly.  What a mighty God we serve!

Top Ten Favorite Animals

1. Ducks

2. Jellyfish

3. Otters

4. Koalas

5. Flamingos

6. Platypus

7. Rabbits

8. Polar Bears

9. Zebras

10. Elephants

What are your favorite animals?

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