Liebster Award Number 2

Liebster Award Number 2


Something I love about blogging is reading the blogs of other Christian young women.  Often, we share opinions, beliefs, and struggles.  It is amazing to see the similarities of girls across the globe.

Earlier today, Emily, the author of Beauty in Christ, nominated my blog for the Liebster Award.  She asked me to answer the following ten questions about myself.


1.  What is your favorite book? 
I LOVE reading, so it is hard to choose one favorite book.  My favorite children’s book is The Wizard of Oz.  My favorite “spiritual health” book is Lies Women Believe. And, of course, I love reading God’s Word.
2.  Who is your best friend? 
Is it lame to say that my family members are my best friends?  They encourage me, make me laugh, and are always there.  Yes, I do have friends at college and church, but I know that my family are my greatest supporters.
3.  What is your favorite sugary food? 
Breyer’s Natural Strawberry ice cream. Or homemade oatmeal cookies.
4.  What is your favorite salty food? 
Come to think of it, I don’t eat many salty snacks.  I really like nuts, though, if I do reach for something salty.
5.  Describe a typical day in your life.
My days are pretty routine.  I wake up at 6:50, and I am in the cafeteria by 7:15 for breakfast.  From 8:00 – 5:30, I am generally sitting in class, attending chapel, or working in the coffee shop.  Supper begins at 5:30, and then I work on homework until bed.  I live a boring life 🙂 .
6.  What are qualities you look for in a husband or a wife? 
I can’t say that I am necessarily looking for a husband right now.  But, when he comes along, he will love Christ more than he loves me.  He will be a strong leader and have honorable goals.
7. Greatest Strength? Greatest weakness? 
This is a hard one to admit!  My greatest strength is also my greatest weakness:  my drive for perfection.  I tend to succeed at school because I want to make good grades and learn.  Too often, however, I fail to rest because I want to complete the next task.
8.  Almond butter or peanut butter cashew butter?  
Let’s be honest–they are all straight from heaven.  But peanut butter is the cheapest, so I usually go for it.  And maple peanut butter is truly delicious!
9.  Type of travel you prefer (road, car, bus, plane, submarine, ship.) 
I love any type of travel.  Even just driving across town is a treat for me.  When I am in an airport, I enjoy watching people and trying to guess where they are going.  The benefit of a road trip is seeing God’s beautiful creation.
10.  Why do you like reading blogs? 
I enjoy blogs because they encourage me and give me ideas for my own blogging.  I love seeing how we are all different.  Also, I like that I get to meet people through blogging.
11.  What are some foods you didn’t used to like but you like now?  
Oh my word.  There are so many!  I think the most recent is tomatoes, but my palate has changed so much since childhood!
Thank you so much, Emily, for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  Everyone should be sure to check out her great site.
*Since this is my second Liebster Award, I am not going to nominate another set of bloggers.

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