Lord, Whatever You Want

Lord, Whatever You Want

Image Source: http://www.oasisfoundationethiopia.org/

Today I saw the power of a woman completely devoted to living for God.  It is missionary emphasis week at church, which is always a treat, and Ruth Kennedy spoke in my Sunday School class.

This British citizen was raised in Brazil and educated in North Carolina.  She is well-traveled and now directs a non-profit in Ethiopia.  As a single lady, she has defied expectations and impacted thousands.  While she was a midwife in Chad, she influenced new mothers.  Her words touched women from numerous countries when she spoke at the Mrs. World competition in China.  She changed the eternal future of an Islamic woman on an airplane.  She has reunited dozens of children with their families through her work at Abraham’s Oasis.  Two times, she has appeared on the Oprah show, reaching an innumerable audience.

She will be the first to tell you that she is not responsible for any of this. She wanted to live in Paris and visit museums on a regular basis.  Yet, she made an early decision that changed her life and made all of this possible.  She determined that she would be what God wanted her to be.  She would say what God wanted her to say.  She would go where God wanted her to go.  She would give what God wanted her to give.  She set aside her own preferences to obey God’s calling wholeheartedly.

Image Source: http://www.oasisfoundationethiopia.org/

What could God do through each of us if we all promised, “Lord, whatever you want…

  • I will be
  • I will say
  • I will go
  • I will give.”


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