Top Ten Tuesday: World Statistics Day

Top Ten Tuesday: World Statistics Day

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences are a common topic in my education courses.  Numerous times, I have taken online tests to discover my intelligence.  The only thing consistent about my results is that they are not consistent.  Sometimes I am musical, humming and tapping my fingers while sitting in class.  At other times, I am visual, choosing to only look at the “image” results of a Google search.  Yet, I tend to be kinesthetic; I almost always pace or stand when I study.  Nonetheless, we all know that I am intrapersonal, choosing to sit silently in a coffee shop and type blog posts while other college students debate around me.  Occasionally, I am a logical/mathematical learner; I like to group things in sets of ten and examine how percentages relate to each other.

Perhaps my conflicting intelligences are the reason I could never decide on a single topic for this blog.

In honor of World Statistics Day, here are ten random statistics about my “9 lives.”

  1. I have been to 22 of our nation’s states (My Adventurous Life).

    Poor Kentucky…
  2. I took, on average, over 400 pictures a day in June 2015 (My Artsy Life).picture
  3. Over half (about 57%) of my pumps are Fergalicious brand (My Fashionable Life).

    I have this shoe in 3 different colors.
  4. I use Walmart’s Savings Catcher after 100% of my visits to Walmart (My Frugal Life).walmart
  5. I eat oatmeal approximately 9 out of 10 days and sometimes more than once a day (My Healthy Life).oatmeal
  6. The thing I lose most often is sleep.  Patience is second on the list (My Organized Life).sleep
  7. I am among the 23% of full-time undergrad students under the age of 24 who work 20 hours or more a week (My Scholarly Life). 670px-Make-a-Traditional-Greek-Frappe-Step-6
  8. According to Facebook, I have 565 friends (My Social Life).

    I wonder how many of those people I actually talk to…
  9. My relationship with God has nothing to do with the number of times I pray, go to church, or read my Bible (My Spiritual Life)numbersdontmatter
  10. I can only complete 90% of this top ten list.9-10

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