Top Ten Tuesday: National Sandwich Day

Top Ten Tuesday: National Sandwich Day

As you walk into the deli, you breathe in the delightful scent of fresh-baked bread.  The bar hosts dozens of ingredients and hundreds of options for what sandwich you can create for your lunch.

Around the world, people indulge in hundreds of unique sandwich combinations.  In honor of National Sandwich Day, I have made a list of the ten most bizarre or outrageous sandwiches I could find.  Have you ever tried any of these?  Would you try them?

Ten Most Outrageous Sandwiches from Around the World

  1. Sloppy Joe Doughnut Sandwichsloppy-joe-krispy-kreme
  2. Cubewhichcubewhich
  3. Tastykake Burgertastycake
  4. The Deceitful Prepackaged Sandwich

  5. Chocolate and Cheese Sandwichchocolatecheese
  6. KFC Double DownKFC-Double-Downand its international cousins, the Double Down Zinger and Double Down Dogzingerkingdoubledowndog
  7. Banana and Dijon Mustardbananadijon
  8. Burger King Black NinjaBurgerking_Kuroninja_01_0
  9. The Dagwood PaniniDagwood__Panini
  10. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Sandwich with bacon, egg, sausage, cream cheese, and maple syrupcinnamonrollfrenchtoast

What is the strangest sandwich you have ever had?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: National Sandwich Day

  1. The strangest sandwich I’ve had is a grilled hamburger, with grilled polish sausage and a fried egg. However, my favorites are: the simpleist Iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, salt on Buttered toast. Next is BLT with cucumbers and green peppers.


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