Cracked Vessels

Cracked Vessels


What is wrong with you?  What do you consider your flaw?

Most, if not all, of us have them–the little things about ourselves that bother us, that we see as mistakes.  We have scars that make us imperfect.  And because of those marks, we believe that we are, at least slightly, unusable.  If only we could fix that one thing, we would be better off and more competent.

But I have slowly come to realization this semester.  I will never fix that one thing.  Because we live in the post-fall world, we will never reach perceived perfection.  Moreover, when I criticize my flaws, I am being completely prideful.  Basically, I am saying that I deserve something better than what I have.

As far as my usability, the flaw has no affect.  God specializes in recycled art.  Paul had “a thorn in the flesh.”  Yet, he wrote over a dozen New Testament epistles.  Although Moses had a lisp, he led the nation of Israel out of Egypt.  Christ said that Peter, the impulsive hothead, was the “rock on which I will build my church.”

Marred usability is not limited to men, however.  Anna was OLD (she had been widowed 87 years) when she welcomed the Christ child into the temple.  Before meeting Jesus, Mary Magdelene was demon-possessed.  Ruth, one of Jesus’ direct ancestors, was not even a Jew.  Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were all barren.  The Samaritan woman that Jesus met at a well was completely immoral, yet, this early missionary brought her entire town to Jesus.  The list goes on and on.

So what is wrong with you?  What physical, emotional, or spiritual flaw is keeping you from serving God?

Don’t let it.  God has a use for every cracked vessel.

God does not see the way people see.  People look at the outside of a person, but God looks at the heart.

– I Samuel 16:7

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