Book Review: Blood Sisters

Book Review: Blood Sisters


She had no idea where she would stay, nor how long she’d be gone.  But one thing was crystal clear.  Her destination was Cedar Crest.  Somehow she was going to find out what had happened to Jasmine Marie.


Judith McPhearson has been through a lot.  She never knew her father.  Her only son was taken by leukemia when he was in grade school, and her husband died following a plane crash in the unforgiving wilderness.  After a year of robotic teaching, Judith has given up hope.  She pours herself a  tall glass of water and a few handfuls of pills.  This is the end.  She is done.

Moments later, we find Judith throwing a motley collection of garments into her bag and driving to her hometown.  It appears that her long-lost childhood friend, her blood sister, Jasmine Morrison, has been living only a short distance away.  Yet, Jasmine had never contacted Judith.  Now, Jasmine is dead, and Judith is determined to find out why.

Judith is not in Cedar Crest long before some strange actions rile her suspicions.  Residents refuse to talk about Jasmine, and those who dare mention her do so with disgust.  Within only a few days, Judith finds herself swimming in a mysterious sea of unanswered questions.

In order to discover Jasmine’s story, Judith must risk her own friendships, good name, and life.  However, Judith’s main pursuit is not to learn more about her friend.  She seeks to answer the question that the entire town is silently asking God:

So what’s up with this black thing, God? What color do you say I am?  What color are you?

From the opening chapters of Blood Sisters, Melody Carlson ensnares the reader and weaves a tale of bigoted hatred, selfless sacrifice, and unconditional love.  This novel does more than tell the story of a middle-aged widow in search of a lost friend;  it teaches that God painted our world to be a colorful mosaic for His glory.

The truth is, I’ve got friends of all kinds, different races, religions, ethnic backgrounds.  And color doesn’t matter to me in the least.  I believe God made us all different because he saw the beauty in it.

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