Called by Name: Rebekah

Called by Name: Rebekah


For You are great and do wondrous deeds; You alone are God.

– Psalm 86:10

rebekahThe mountains are mesmerizing.

They stand proud, demanding attention, stalwart.

The sea is stunning.

It crashes and tumbles, untamed.

The flowers are fascinating.

Delicate petals surround minuscule seeds, self-reliant.

A storm is shocking.

Roaring and shaking, it terrifies its subjects, overseeing.

Waterfalls are wonderful.

Grand, falling streams pelt cool rocks, powerful.

Sunsets are splendid.

Red, orange, and purple swirl in abstract swoops, beautiful.

But God is Great.

He shifts the mountains and tames the sea.

He supports the flowers and commands the storm.

He directs the waterfalls and paints the sunsets.

Nature is noteworthy.

Crawling, singing, growing, changing.

The Creator is Captivating.

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