Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Brother

Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Brother


This week, my family made the long drive from North Carolina to Connecticut.  As much as I love road trips, this one was not near as merry as my summer rides.  The company was just as good, and the view through the window was just as interesting.  However, the purpose for our journey was not as leisurely.  My favorite (and only) brother is moving over 600 miles away.

Obviously, this move warrants a Top Ten Tuesday post completely devoted to my brother.  Originally, I was going to post 10 hysterical memories that we have shared, but the post became quite lengthy.  Instead, I will attempt to quickly state 10 reasons that my brother is absolutely the best brother in the world.


Ten Reasons I am Thankful for My Brother

  1. He always makes me laugh.
  2. He desires to serve the Lord.
  3. He let me follow him to college.
  4. He encourages me and gives me advice.
  5. He drove me around or let me borrow his car for years until I bought my own car.
  6. He understands my corny jokes.
  7. He is handsome.
  8. He loves to travel (and sometimes he lets me tag along).
  9. He let me call him “Chin Chin” until I learned his real name.
  10. He is loud (and can compensate for my quietness).


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Brother

  1. I always love your blog posts but now I’m sitting here crying! I love you both so much and am so proud of the amazing adults you have grown into. I love your love for the Lord and desire to serve Him, wherever He places you!!!! Miss you bunches!!!!

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