Stumble and Fall

Stumble and Fall


While I run, my brain goes numb, so I do not know what I was thinking for those last 100 yards. I could have been drafting an essay for an upcoming test.  Maybe I was predicting an impending confrontation with a dorm resident.  Perhaps I was singing a carefree song.  I don’t remember.

But I do remember my foot hitting the manhole cover.  I remember faltering for a few steps with the intention of righting myself.  I remember thinking that I was going to fall.  I remember watching my keys skid across the path.

Pain shot through my right palm and left hip. Somehow these two body parts seem to be my automatic landing pad.  Momentarily, I wondered if I could keep going.  Then I pressed myself into an upright position and staggered three steps forward. Nope. My run was done.  I would be walking back.

After a few blocks, though, I realized that I was not crippled.  My gait might have been slower and harder, but I finished the course.

My Christian walk sometimes parallels this running wreck.  As I easily jog through life, I relax my focus.  Suddenly, I am stumbling, falling, crashing.

Pain surrounds me.  I think that I have fallen too hard.  I think that I am broken and unable to resume the race.

But I am not.  My restart may be a slow walk, but God does not delay to uphold me.  I may look foolish as I hobble, but I press on.  Eventually, I will reach the end.

God is faithful, and he is a constant friend when our joyous run becomes a painful crawl.

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