Called by Name: Misnomer

Called by Name: Misnomer


He was handsome, favorable, cunning, smart, and able.  In short, he was the ideal kid for to serve in the kingdom.

His name told his identity.  He was Daniel, and “God [was his] judge.”  He lived only to please the Most High.

But the kingdom’s rulers wanted to change that; they wanted him to please them.  To change his identity, they changed his name, and he became Belteshazzar, meaning “May Bel Protect His Life.”  No longer did his name mean that he was God’s servant.  Now Bel, a heathen god, was identified as his protector.  The leaders thought they had solved the problem.

But this name change did nothing to Daniel.  He continued to serve God alone.  When he was told to eat meat from which God had commanded him to abstain, he chose to eat only vegetables and fruit.  Rather than bow and worship the king, Daniel prayed  to God multiple times a day.

They changed his name, but they did not change his nature.

Maybe you like your name, and maybe you don’t.  Either way, your name does not have to define you.  Even when he was called Belteshazzar, Daniel chose to serve the one true God.

Do not let labels keep you from a life sold out to God.

God has called you by name, and you are His.

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