Christmas Checklist in Review

Christmas Checklist in Review


On the first day of December, I made a list of ten things that I wanted to do before Christmas Day.  Here’s how I did:

Ten Things I Plan To Do Before Christmas Day

1. Read Luke 2. – DONE

Re-reading Luke 2 inspired a Top Ten Tuesday post.

2. Wrap presents. – DONE

3. Make Christmas cookies. – DONE
Check out these yummy gingerbread men trees I made!


4. Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. – DONE
So… it is virtually impossible to find a full-length version of a Charlie Brown Christmas online.  Thankfully, ABC had it available in their app.  I downloaded the app, watched the movie, and deleted the app.

5. Cut snowflakes. – DONE
I snipped these lovely flakes while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas.


6. Attend a Christmas concert or play. – DONE
I attended my school’s annual concert known as Candlelight Carols.  I have been 4-5 times now, and I think this year was the best yet.

7. Eat something gingerbread-flavored. – DONE
Here are the tasty gingerbread men ducks that I made.


8. Give (or at least prepare to give) a homemade present. – DONE
My brother is receiving a handmade gift from me this year, but since he hasn’t opened it yet, I can’t tell you anything about it πŸ™‚

I also gave gingerbread men trees, angels, and stars to my bosses at work.


(I really need to buy a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  This is the closest thing we have.)



9. Decorate the Christmas tree. – DONE

10. Listen to all of my favorite Christmas CDs. – DONE

As promised, I started with Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer.  From there, I listened to Christmas CDs by Matthew West, Point of Grace, Steven Curtis Chapman, and many others!


Did you finish everything that you set out to do before Christmas?

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