2016 Resolution – Cookie Critiques

2016 Resolution – Cookie Critiques


Every January,  thousands of people set goals that they want to achieve over the following 365 days.  Usually, people aim to manage their finances, lose weight, sleep more, or organize.  However, I am going on a search.  A search, that is, for the world’s best fast-food oatmeal cookie.


This year, I resolve to taste test as many different fast-food oatmeal cookies as possible and judge them to determine which one is the best.

What makes a cookie great?  The first criteria is appearance.  It should look appealing–a uniform, round cookie that is not too dark.  Also, the texture should be soft, chewy, and maybe even a little gooey; hard cookies will not make the cut!  Lastly, and most importantly, it should taste good!  I like a cookie to taste real and hearty–not overly sweet, but not like a bag of raw oats.  All the ingredients should blend well, and the taste should be consistent (no hard bites of baking soda!)

I will be giving each cookie a score of 1-10 based on the following chart:


Bonus points may be awarded for creativity!


My fist taste test was at a local Subway deli.


The cookie was gorgeous – perfectly round and golden.  It was properly chewy and had a consistent flavor, but it may have been a tad too sweet.

This cookie set the bar high.  I am giving it 9 points!  The competitors are going to have to bring some good cookies to measure up to Subway!

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