In the Calm

In the Calm


Before the storm.

That is where I am right now. School starts back Monday, but I have been on campus since Thursday, getting my mind ready to be back in full gear.  The past few weeks have been amazing.  I painted. I read. I ran. I played games. I talked. I relaxed.

But school is coming.  Normally, this means that I throw all other activities to the curb for the sake of doing homework. I admit it: I am Martha.  I am often so busy doing that I never am.  I study, eat, work, sleep, repeat.  But I never rest. I never pause to embrace the beauty of life.   Attend a basketball game? Never.    Join a pick up volleyball game? If only I had time for that.  Take swing dancing lessons?  Way too busy.

The thing is, I have done all of that this weekend, and I have loved it.  When did I decide that doing was better than being?

So here’s to being Mary, to being part of the party, to socializing with others, to sitting at Jesus’ feet and soaking in his grace–

–in the calm and in the storm.

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