Grace: Applied

Grace: Applied


Grace is often defined with the following acronym:  God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.  Because of Jesus’ unjust death on the cross, we can enjoy the unmerited benefits of God’s favor.  If this is an appropriate definition, and I would contend that it is, then grace’s application can also be written as an acrostic:


God’s Redemption Allows Continuous Emancipation.

We were once slaves to our selfish desires.  Basically, we had no option other than serving our master, sin.  However, God bought us back from the sin master.  In doing so, He granted us the right to unending liberty.  The price for our redemption was steep–the life of His Son.  But our gain was even greater–eternal freedom.

And so, at Christ’s expense, we have continuous emancipation.

We can be FREE…

  • from sin.
  • from ourselves.
  • from our minds.
  • from our shame.
  • from our guilt.
  • from our pride.
  • from the chains we have fashioned.
  • from the prison cells we form.
  • from the standards we imagine.
  • from our mental civil wars.
  • from interpersonal affliction.
  • from constant inner strife.
  • from utter, bitter darkness.
  • TO bright, eternal life.

And once we have that abundant life, we never have to return to bondage.

Grace is continually liberating!

If, therefore, the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.

-John 8:36


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