Grace: Free Birds

Grace: Free Birds


At first, the gray home had looked beautiful.  The promise of provision was enticing, and security sounded blissful.

Little did she know that the painted curls were actually iron bars.  The provisions were ignoble.  The “security” allowed for no freedom.  Rather than the expected comfort of home, she felt trapped in the cage.


Then the door was open.  She didn’t think; she just acted.  She flew out the gap, not looking back.

Free.  At last, free.

Imagine being a bird in a cage.  The walls are pretty, but you can only fly so far.  Your needs are met, but you have no real choices. You are safe, but you do not have the joys of exploration.  Given the opportunity, birds will fly straight out of their cages.


We, too, were once trapped.  Sin, with its enchanting promises had enticed and ensnared us.  We were slaves to the sin master.  But Christ paid the purchase price when He died on the cross, and He bought us back.  Now the gate is open, and we can be free.

Just like a bird, we should not choose to remain en-caged–we now have a new world to explore!  We have choices!  We have freedom!

Christ did not set us free so that we could stay just as we have always been.

It is for freedom that Christ set us free.

– Galatians 5:1



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