Cookie Critique: Panera Bread

Cookie Critique: Panera Bread


On January 1, I announced my resolution to find the country’s best fast food oatmeal cookie.



My second cookie review was at Panera Bread. I love Panera’s soba bowl, and I was eager to try their cookies as well.  However, I was not impressed.  First of all, the cookie did not look appealing. It wasn’t burnt or misshapen, but it just didn’t entice me.

Sorry for the poor photo. The only available camera was my brother’s phone.

The center of the cookie was fat and chewy-almost too chewy. The cookie got stuck in my teeth. The edges were thin and crunchy-way too crunchy.  The flavor, however, was pretty good.  It was consistent and not too sweet.

Overall, I give Panera’s oatmeal raisin cookie 7 points.

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