Grace: The Beauty

Grace: The Beauty


We have reached what is – most likely – the last post in my series of grace.  Over the past month,  I have talked about grace’s definition and application, accepting our freedom, and extending grace to others.  For my last post, I will touch on the beauty of grace.

I believe that Relient K said it best in their song “Be My Escape.”

The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.

Throughout the song, Matthew Thiessen explains that he is trapped in his own humanity, constantly comparing himself to others and feeling insecure.  He is locked inside a house of doubt, and all he wants is freedom.  However, all that he deserves is to stay confined.  He begs God to release him from the messy prison he has constructed.

He realizes that God is holding the key – grace.  In fact, God had offered freedom long before the hostage house was built.  Matthew comes to the conclusion that grace is not fair.  He deserves to remain entrapped in the house of guilt.  Justice – fairness – would only allow Matthew to serve his life sentence.

However, God’s grace extends the freedom that he does not deserve.

It isn’t fair, but he is free.

And that is beautiful.



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