Parable of The Lost Earring

Parable of The Lost Earring


With my stomach flat against the blue carpet, I stretch my fingers below the dresser.  They touch a small solid.  Success!  I found my earring. 

But when I look into my hand, I am holding a shriveled raisin.  I frown.  That’s not my earring…and how long has that been under there anyway?  Giving up on ever seeing the missing pink stud again, I return to my work with a sigh.

A while later, I absentmindedly reach under a folded blanket on my bed.  I have not forgotten about the earring, but I doubt that it is anywhere in my room.  Once again, my fingers make contact with something small and solid.  Could it be?

It is.  Soon, my earlobes are re-adorned with pink rhinestone hearts.

In Luke fifteen, Jesus tells the story of a woman who lost one of her ten pieces of silver.  She immediately sweeps the house in search of her lost coin, and she rejoices when it is found.  Jesus concludes the parable with this statement:

In the same way, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God when one sinner changes his heart and life.

I was happy to find my lost earring, but God is even happier when someone places their faith in Him.

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