Cookie Critique: McDonalds

Cookie Critique: McDonalds

My third cookie sampling was under two golden arches.


I have had McDonald’s oatmeal cookies in years past, and I have always liked them, but I had never analyzed them.  These cookie critiques call for a full analysis of every detail.


Sadly, something was not quite right with these cookies.  First of all, they weren’t flat.  They had been placed on a tray while they were still hot, so they had cooled into a V shape.  The color was pretty good, but they were VERY crunchy.  They didn’t even pretend to be soft and chewy.  The flavor was great, but not quite consistent.


Maybe I should give McDonald’s another try since I have had success with them in the past, but this batch is only going to receive 5 points.

3 thoughts on “Cookie Critique: McDonalds

  1. Sounds like it was the “baker” who didn’t follow instructions. Probably didn’t even read them. Russell used to tell us about some of his cooks who didn’t even know how to measure. I know these cookies come in already made and all they have to do is bake them, but if they don’t have the temp and time right and allow them to cool a bit – wala – you get what you got. Try another mcdonalds

    Love you

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