Cookie Critiques: Jason’s Deli

Cookie Critiques: Jason’s Deli


The first time that I walked into a Jason’s Deli, I immediately walked out.  At the time, I could not handle new situations or crowds very well, and Jason’s Deli had both (the same story can be told of the Goodwill Outlet).  Thankfully, I returned to the same Jason’s Deli a few months later with my aunt, and I fell in love with with restaurant’s tasty sandwiches.


Jason’s Deli is now my favorite restaurant for many reasons.  First of all, they have free unlimited ice cream.  You don’t really need to know much more about the place to determine that it must be amazing.  They also have a delicious salad bar (I’m talking more fresh vegetables than you could ask for, plus cottage cheese, eggs, quinoa, pudding, and more!).  And they have unlimited granola and nuts to put on top of the unlimited ice cream.  And they have a really good Mediterranean Wrap (turkey, hummus, vegetables, yum!).  And their catering boxes make my day when I see them at work (If I am going to eat a fast food boxed meal, I much prefer a sandwich from Jason’s over fried chicken and gravy from Chicken Express).

So I must admit that I entered this critique with a  slightly very biased opinion.  In fact, I had already tried the Walnut Cranberry Oatmeal cookie before deciding to write this series of posts.  Early into my photography job last summer, our secretary ordered Jason’s Deli boxes for supper at work one night.  Most people wanted chocolate chip cookies, so I was eager to trade for oatmeal.  And it was love at first bite.


It is possible that I started this whole cookie critique adventure knowing that Jason’s deli would most likely win (but the search isn’t over, so other restaurants do have a chance!).  Here is my formal critique:


  • Appearance: maybe a little dark (3 points), but who cares because…
  • Texture: perfect – the edges had a  bit of a crunch, but they center was moist and soft (2 points).
  • Flavor: perfect – the hearty oats were enhanced by walnuts and cranberries (4 points).
  • Bonus points for creativity!  Jason’s Deli is the first restaurant I have found that put anything in their oatmeal cookies other than raisins (1 point).  And let me tell you, they made the right choice with walnuts and cranberries!  This cookie was absolutely delicious!


Jason’s Deli scores 10 points for their awesome cookie!

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