Top Ten Tuesday: Fortune Cookies

Top Ten Tuesday: Fortune Cookies

This weekend, I am starting my second summer of working as a camp photographer.  Unlike last summer, I have not pre-written posts to appear while I am gone.  Don’t be surprised if this blog is silent until mid-August.

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I am incredibly excited to see what the Lord has in store as I help a team of about 30 college students re-create camp at churches in Texas and Louisiana.  I know that the Lord has planned wonderful things that will shape the lives of the workers and children each week.

Although I do not think that pieces of paper can predict what the next few months hold, I have opened some fortune cookies with interesting messages lately.  Here is what some unknown writer thinks will happen to me this summer.


  1. You do not have to worry about your future.
  2. The skills you have gathered will one day come in handy.
  3. Traveling to the west will bring you unexpected happiness. (Ignore the fact that they spelled traveling wrong)
  4. You will be rewarded for your efforts.
  5. You will become an accomplished writer.
  6. You will bring sunshine into someone’s life.
  7. Your virtues are priceless treasures.
  8. The best teacher is also a student.
  9. Find outlets that satisfy your creative side.
  10. Your past successes will be overshadowed by your future success.

Camp in the City, here I come!

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