A Typical Tuesday as a Camp in the City Photogrpher

A Typical Tuesday as a Camp in the City Photogrpher

Yesterday, my camp team closed up another week of Camp in the City.  It was an awesome, busy week of camp, board games, knock-out basketball, roller skating, and bubble soccer.

On Tuesday, I took photos of every part of the day so that I could explain how camp looks through my own eyes.

In order to get camp set up every morning, we wake up pretty early.  This week, I was a host home leader, meaning that I was responsible for making sure that two other girls were ready to leave on time.  I woke up at 5:55 to make each of us a bowl of oatmeal every morning, and we were never late for the van.

The van arrived with precisely at 6:38, leaving just enough time to pick up three other girls and arrive at camp by 7 am.

Thirty minutes every morning are specifically set aside for us to read God’s Word, journal, and pray.  This week, I read through parts of Mark and Luke.

Before the campers arrive, we make sure that all the camp activities are ready to be used.  We also gather to pray for the campers and workers that we will interact with each day.

“We, we love, we love our campers!” And that is why we jump for joy as they drive into camp.

The camp day starts with “Power Hour,” a time of worship and dance.

Next, the campers head to a counselor-led Bible study.

There are two activity classes every morning. Each cabin heads to a different activity, and they will not repeat any activity during the week.

Activity class keeps me busy as I run from station to station. I try to photograph every class during every activity block.

As the campers and counsellors gather for the “mid-day meal,” I take cabin portraits.  Sometimes, I take over three hundred photos of nine cabins to ensure that I get a great picture of each group.

Lunch is followed with another set of activity classes.  The Eurobungee is a favorite activity.

Counsellors have the difficult task of making sure all the campers are changed and ready for every activity in a punctual manner.  Thankfully, I am only in charge of myself!

Our counsellors are great!  During girl/guy time on Tuesday, they covered their faces with shaving cream, and the campers threw cheese balls at them.

While the campers dance and sing at another Power Hour, I sit in the Pit Room and edit photos.  It generally takes a couple hours to sort, edit, keyword, approve, and upload photos to the website and app.

Every evening looks a little bit different.  On Tuesday, all of our camp staff went to the beach for some fun team bonding.

At 9:55 pm, I crawled into bed, ready to start everything over in eight hours.

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