My assignment in Togo was to make a short video about a girl named Djamila.


Djamila is a tenth-grade student at a Togolese Baptist school.  She was born and raised in a Muslim home in Lome, but she eventually moved to live with her Christian mom in Tsiko.

When Djamila moved to Tsiko, she found herself in a struggle between her aunt and mother.  The aunt claimed that Allah is god, and she could get to heaven by obeying him.  Djamila’s mother said that Jesus was the only way to have eternal life.  Djamila could not decide who to believe.


Two of Djamila’s teachers came to her house to read the Bible to her.  They told her that there is someone who loves her.  She was amazed and asked, “Who loves me here on earth?”

That is when the teachers explained the love of Jesus.  Djamila came to understand that Jesus loves her.  He died on the cross for her sins.  He forgave her.  With the help of these two teachers, Djamila turned to Christ.


Before Djamila was a Christian, her life was filled with anger.  She said, “If my aunt was not kind with me, I was led to steal…I didn’t care a bit.  And back then, lying also was my life…No one told me that I was wrong.  That was my life.”

With Jesus, Djamila’s life changed a lot.  She learned how to forgive, how to love, and how to accept someone’s mistakes.  She exclaimed, “I have joy deep in my heart.”


Before I left my interview with Djamila, she stated,

My dream is that God will help me to live for him, to work for him, and to do what he wants me to do….I feel it deep in my heart that God calls me to go back and to… share gospel to Muslims.


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