Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens


Hannah and I both sighed with exasperation as we wrung water out of our freshly washed hair.  “I just give up on this video project,” she expressed.  “I worked so hard on it, and then the instructor basically told me to start over.  He completely re-wrote my story, and he wants me to shoot new footage. It is due tomorrow at 5 o’clock, and I don’t know what to do.”

I nodded in agreement. “He did the same thing to me.  How are we supposed to completely re-work a video in 16 hours?”

After a week of shooting, scrubbing, recording, and editing, all nine workshop participants were stressed and exhausted.  We had spent 5 days scrambling in different directions to gather all the necessary components for our individual videos. We rarely spent more than thirty minutes together at meals.  Otherwise, we spent our days working on our personal projects.

Despite the fact that we each had our own deadlines and goals, a sense of teamwork developed in our group. Somehow, despite all of the personal work, we were enduring the same struggles.

I would never ask for difficulty to come, but enduring hardship together has a way of uniting people. Perhaps that is why James wrote, “Bear ye one another’s burdens.”

Sometimes, all you need is someone to come along beside you, say, “I understand.  I’ve been there too,” and offer to help carry the load.


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