Alice’s Destination

Alice’s Destination


In Lewis Carol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice asks the Chesire Cat, “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

The Cheshire Cat replied, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

As I enter my senior year, I keep asking which way I ought to go.  I have been in school for 17 years, and I have always known the next step.  Every May, I go on summer vacation, and every August, I head back to school.  This comfortable rhythm has been my solace.  But once I graduate, that schedule is obsolete. There will be no class rosters with my name in the fall; the cycle will be broken.

So what should I do? Which way should I go from here?

Well, that depends a good deal on where I want to get to.

The sad truth is, I don’t know exactly where I want to go. I have no ten-year plan.  I have no career goals. I don’t even have a dream job. Label me lost.

Although I am aimless concerning my future occupation, I do know that I want to be in the center of God’s will. Thankfully, God’s will is not as difficult to determine as my upcoming adult job.  I Thessalonians 4:3a says, “For this is the will of God…your sanctification.”

According to, to “sanctify” is “to purify or free from sin.”  On a regular basis, I find myself ensnared in the Devil’s lies and the world’s desires.  However, God wants me to be free, and sanctification is the process by which He makes me more like Jesus Christ.

This process is not easy.  In fact, I have found that it is usually painful as God chips away my personal desires.  I often feel lost as He leads me down winding paths and through dark valleys.  Even while I am following Him, I sometimes ask, “Which way should I go from here?”  Nonetheless, following Him is always beneficial.  As He chips away my personal desires, He shapes me to look more like His Son.  While I wander down strange trails, I am forced to trust His leading.  When I ask which way I should go, He gives the needed wisdom (James 1:5).

God’s way is perfect; no matter how strange it seems, it is always beneficial for our spiritual growth (Romans 8:28).

All that is to say, don’t be too alarmed if you don’t know which way to go.  Simply know that your destination is sanctification.  God knows the road to the journey’s end.


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