Rest in Faith

Rest in Faith


Daniel read the decree and shook his head slowly.  Once again, the government had made a decree against the One True God.  According to the newest law, citizens could only pray to and worship King Darius.  “Lord,” Daniel whispered, “Is our nation too far gone?”

Years before, Daniel had began a thrice-daily ritual of praying in his window facing Jerusalem.  Despite the government’s rule, Daniel kept his appointments with God with peace

Peace like a river.  Peace that passes understanding.

As promised by the law, Daniel was punished–thrown into a pit of bloodthirsty lions–certain death.  Daniel faced the consequence with faith.  

Faith like a mustard seed.  Faith unleashed.

And–spoiler alert–Daniel lived.  God honored his peaceful obedience and faith.  God sent supernatural, unexpected salvation, and Daniel, with thankfulness, was able to rest.

Faith brings peace, calm, and rest.

Rest in faith.



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