He Still Saves

He Still Saves


I’ve been “saved” since I was a small child.  Ever since one fateful night at the kitchen table, I have known that upon my death, I will spend eternity in Heaven.  Over the years, I subconsciously came to believe that because my salvation was complete, I didn’t need to hear the account of Christ’s sacrificial death.  I was saved from Hell, and that was enough.

But sometimes the battles of this early life are overwhelming.  The enemy’s attacks are ferocious and devastating.  That is when I must recall and claim the victory that Christ won when he rose from the dead.  I must “sing above the battle strife ‘Jesus saves.'”  He still saves.

Sometimes, Often, I don’t claim this victory.  I listen to the enemy’s lies and fall to his schemes.  I think that I must save myself from the trenches.  Before long, I am shadowed with a gloom of justice, and my heart craves mercy.  That mercy can only be found in Christ’s victory over the tomb.  Jesus still saves.

Yes, I only need to place my faith in Him one single time in order to be saved from eternal separation from God and damnation in Hell.  Nevertheless, I need daily faith in Jesus to face the struggles of the world.  I need a constant Friend and a daily Rescuer.

So give the winds a mighty voice…

Let the nations now rejoice…

Shout salvation full and free…

This our song of victory:

Jesus saves!

And He still saves.

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