Blind Spot Nutbutters Monthly Recipe Series

Blind Spot Nutbutters Monthly Recipe Series

When I was in Pennsylvania in July 2016, I bought a 1.2 oz. container of Super Squirrelly nut butter.  Never before had I sampled a blended nut butter that tasted so real, nutty, and sweet.


I was in love. For two weeks, I plotted ways to buy more Blind Spot Nutbutter.


When I returned to Pennsylvania at the end of those two weeks, I bought a 12 oz. container of Squirrelly Tail; although it was ten times the size of the first jar I had bought, the jar was empty much too quickly.


For the first month of senior year, I basically lived off of peanut butter, but no brand that I sampled tasted as good as Blind Spot Nutbutter.  Thankfully, my mom (the real MVP) ordered four different flavors for me to devour.


I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I ate the entire jar of butterscotch peanut butter in one night.


At the beginning of November, I became an official Blindspot #nutbutteraddict, and I ordered seven new flavors to try, and I thought of an awesome idea for my year as a #nutbutteraddict…


Blindspot Nutbutters Monthly Recipe Series

That’s right! Every month (starting tomorrow!) I will be posting a new recipe using one of Blindspot’s signature flavors!  We’re talking about cookies, cakes, muffins, waffles, and even drinks with Blind Spot Nutbutter!  I am beyond excited to create these treats and share them with you.

I hope you enjoy!



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