It’s Not That Far: A Day Trip to NYC

It’s Not That Far: A Day Trip to NYC


Last fall, my older brother moved to Connecticut, and he regularly visits New York City on his days off. When my parents and I came north to visit him for Christmas, we decided to spend two separate days in the City, one of which was today. Brother planned the whole excursion on his own, and he didn’t let us know what we were doing.


Here are some pictures from our trek around Manhattan Island

To start, Brother led us on a self-directed scavenger hunt through Central Park. The final location was what he deemed “the perfect picnic spot.”

I ate an apple in the Big Apple.


A subway took us to Rockefeller Plaza.

Our feet carried us to St. Peter’s Cathedral…

And to many stores (where we didn’t buy anything) including American Girl Place,

the M & M Store,


and Macy’s .

We walked A LOT, and every time I asked Brother how far we were from the next stop, he would say, “Not that far.” But it’s a big city, y’all, and everything is pretty far.

We estimate that we walked about eleven miles, and every step was worth it.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not That Far: A Day Trip to NYC

  1. Wow 11 miles is a long way; and that’s so neat that you were able to make a quick trip to NYC. It’s such a big bustling amazing city!


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