I Already Broke My New Years Resolution

I Already Broke My New Years Resolution


I thought that it was a good, attainable resolution.  The plan was to run a 10k on April 22, the day after I finish student teaching.  Ten kilometers is less than 6.5 miles, so it really isn’t that hard of a run, and I have nearly four months to prepare.  I printed off a mild training guide (3 days of running, 2 days of cross-training, and 2 days of rest every week), and I filled out the application for the race.


The first week went really well.  I did every single workout, getting decent times on my runs.  I hit a set-back at the beginning of week two when the world was covered in snow, but I was still determined to keep at it.

Then yesterday came, Friday of week two, and I did NOT want to go to the gym.  I did not want to run on a treadmill.  I wanted to skip my workout.

So I started to analyze why:

  • I was tired.  However, most people are tired, so I didn’t count that as a valid excuse.
  • I felt rushed.   Every day after student teaching, I had to rush to the gym, change quickly, and run as fast as I could so that I could make it to supper on time.
  • I didn’t enjoy the runs.  In fact, I would run on the treadmill overlooking the pool and think about how much I would rather be swimming.
  • I missed my old workouts.  I missed swimming, Pop Pilates, Zumba, and slow jogs through Old Salem.

I gave in.  I didn’t go to the gym.  I didn’t run.  Instead, I went to my dorm room and wrote lesson plans.

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I didn’t completely throw yesterday’s workout to the wolves.  Later last night, I did  PIIT while watching Chopped, and it was great.  It was relaxing, fun, and everything that a workout should be.  I even went to the gym this morning…to swim, and it was everything that I missed.

Yes, I broke my New Year’s Resolution, but I am glad that I did.

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…in an ironic turn of events, a blog hat I frequent just posted, “92% of people fail to maintain their fitness resolutions be the end of the year.”  At least I am in good company 🙂

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