Yes, I’m Still Alive :)

Yes, I’m Still Alive :)

I have tried 1,000 times to write a blog post this summer, but I have yet to do more than open a blank draft.  Anything you have read in the past two months was scheduled content,  and I can’t pinpoint the exact reason for my absence on this blog .


Yes, I work at camp 6 days a week, but I could easily find the time to type a few lines.  It is not for lack of content; I have taken photos, created videos, and written articles for camp all summer.  Spiritual dryness is not the reason either; God’s Word has become more and more precious to me every day for the past two months.  Perhaps my only excuse is that I haven’t really wanted to blog.  I have enjoyed the time away from personal social media (although I am on social media every day for my job).

So here I am, simply to …

  • check in.
  • let all of you know that I am still alive.
  • share some images from the summer.
  • promise that the absence won’t last forever.

I just need one more month at camp before I fully re-emerge to the outside world.



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