Third Time’s the Charm

Third Time’s the Charm

I am finally back in North Carolina after spending three months at the Woods family camp in Texas.  Although it was my third summer working for Pine Cove, my job looked very different this year.  I spent a lot more time in an office and a lot less time with campers, but I really enjoyed the position.  I did miss interacting with kids, but I was able to use my specific skill set.

  • Rather than traveling from church to church across the southeast as I did with Camp in the City, I spent the majority of the summer at the Woods.  These were three of my favorite places to go in Tyler, TX on my days off.
    • Fresh
    • Nekter Juice Bar
    • Dirt Cheap


  • In fact, I went to Nekter 9 times, and I tried every acai bowl on the menu.  Take a look at these three beauties:
  • Most of my time was spent with other media interns.  Here’s three pictures of me with friends:
  • After every meal, I hung around the dining hall to help clean up.  Three songs I that were played almost daily as we cleaned were:
  • I don’t love any of those songs, but when I was in the office, I was allowed to listen to music through headphones.  Three songs I listened to by choice were:
  • Life at camp can be sort of redundant, especially when you are there for 13 weeks.  Three random stats from those thirteen weeks include:
    • I ate 119 Greek yogurt cups.
    • I took 53 casual morning jogs around the camp property.
    • I went to the same laundromat 10 times.

And now I am very glad to be home and get back to blogging on a (more) regular basis.  🙂

One thought on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. I love the numbers that you crunched from your time at camp. That’s a lot of Greek yogurt; I think you and I would be in good company. And those Nekter bowls always looked SOOOO good. ❤


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