Simple Pleasures Saturday #1

Simple Pleasures Saturday #1

I met Hunter Beless at the beginning of the summer, sort of.

Really, all I did was bring her a plate and cut her daughter’s chicken, but we had a short conversation as it happened.

During the week that she was at camp, she became a low-key celebrity in the media office.ย  While I was editing and writing, I heard the girls across the hall talking incessantly about the Journeywomen podcast that Hunter started.ย  I didn’t have a chance to listen for myself until last week, but Journeywomen quickly became one of my favorite podcasts.

All that is to say that Hunter has inspired me to begin a new ritual: Simple Pleasures Saturday.ย  Every weekend, I want to reflect on three small things that brought me happiness throughout the week.ย  My hope is that these recurring posts will remind all of us (myself included!) to find joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Philippians 4:11


3 Simple Pleasures August 19-25

1. Planning trips


It looks like Corrie the Corolla will be getting a workout this fall.

2. She Reads Truth App


I love how the writers pull together different passages of Scripture to support the same theme.

3. Cutting mangoes

Simple pleasures.ย  Honestly, cutting mangoes and turning them inside out is pure fun.

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures Saturday #1

  1. Woah that’s going to be an amazing road trip, and I love that you met Hunter and discovered that podcast. I would really like to try and listen to one or two today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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