“And the mountains sing your glory hallelujah.

The canyons echo sweet amazing grace. 

My spirit sails. The mighty gales are bellowing Your name. 

And I’ve got nothing to say.” – Andrew Peterson

These are the lyrics that my spirit sang for 12 hours on Tuesday as we toured the Grand Canyon. I do not believe that “grand” is a strong enough word to describe the immense chasm. As we strolled along the rim, I gaped at the width, the depth, the breadth of this rugged landscape, and I marveled at a God Who is greater yet. The captivating canyon is a testament to God’s grandeur.

Scientists claim that the persistent Colorado River slowly carved that massive canyon. At the grueling rate of 1/2 millimeter per year, the canyon plunged 1 mile deep. Supposedly. It is of course equally plausible that an overwhelming flood aggressively deposited and removed layers of sedimentary rock. The second theory also solves several geological mysteries, but I do not intend to disprove evolution with this post.

Truly, I was amazed by the grandness of my Creator. The canyon covers 1 million acres in northern Arizona, but God is omnipresent. Although the walls are 1 mile deep, God’s love is deeper still. As the sun roams across the sky and settles for the night, the rocks shimmer in a kaleidoscope of hues painted by God .

The Grand Canyon (like all of creation) exists to glorify God, and that is exactly what it does.

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