Finding Rest

Finding Rest

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I slept for 8.5 hours the other night.  I know that *technically* this is what you are always supposed to do, but, for me, it’s pretty rare.

Those 8.5 hours were blissful.  I slept straight through the night.  I had dreams about Pine Cove, and I awoke just minutes before my alarm, refreshed.

And then the day started, like normal.  I followed my morning routine–washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on clothes, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth again, drove to work, read a few blog posts, and started interpreting data.

But I was still so inexplicably tired.  Despite the restful, peaceful night, I couldn’t focus, and my eyelids were drooping.  The exhaustion drove me to utter frustration at work.  Although I am good at putting on a mask of grace, my insides were boiling with anger.  At least twice, I laid my head on my desk and tried not to respond caustically to annoying emails and requests.

It didn’t take long for me to pinpoint the problem.

My body experienced over eight hours of physical rest, but my spirit still needed rest.  To be honest (and a little vulnerable), the Enemy was pounding me with intense spiritual attacks that week, and my soul was wounded.  To make matters worse, I had tried to be my own defense, rather than using the shield of faith.  Spiritually, I was exhausted.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

– Matthew 11:28

Matthew 11:28 come to me and i will give you rest

My long night of sleep does not even compare to His rest.  Jesus gives the rest that I truly need.  He gives rest from the spiritual attacks, from the burden of guilt, from the weariness of the daily grind.  He gives rest that refreshes my spirit, not just my body.

So, in my state of spiritual exhaustion, I ran to Him, and I rested in His promises.  I trusted that He cares for me (I Peter 5:7) and protects me (Psalm 66:9).

And for the first time that day, I felt wholly rested.


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