Simple Joy Saturday #25

Simple Joy Saturday #25

Every Saturday I share three simple things that brought me happiness during the week.  These posts may grow or change as time passes.  Please feel free to share your own simple joys in the comments section!

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February 24 – March  2

1. Family

On Monday morning at 7:15, I put my key in the ignition and turned.  Generally speaking, this causes a car to start, but not on Monday, not my car.  I did what any self-respecting single girl would do; I kept calm, and I called my mom.  She directed me to I email my boss to say that I would be late and call my grandparents to see if I could borrow their car for the day.

Pappaw* to the rescue!  Within a few minutes he arrived with a different car and offered to give my battery a jump-start.  It took a few tries, but he got it!  I drove directly to the mechanic for a shiny new Interstate battery, playing phone tag with my dad along the way.

So this is a shout-out to my mom, dad, pappaw, and mammaw** for helping me get to work on Monday!

2. Three Day Weekends

This week was PIU’s spring break***.  Staff still had to work this week, but we received Friday off.  It’s nice to get a break sometimes!

3. Pedicures

…even though I am always missing a toenail for various reasons.  I think I secretly like the massage chair more than the anything.


*Pappaw is the southern version of Papa/Grandpa/Pop/Grandfather/etc.

**Mammaw is the southern version of Mama/Grandma/Mammy/Grandmother/etc.

***PIU has an early spring break because it is placed the week after midterms.  Since we start our semester earlier than other schools, our spring break is early.

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