Free to Stay

Free to Stay

Our fictional friend, Marcia, begins a new job today, and she is overjoyed.  Her last job was stifling.  She worked 15-hour days in a dark office for no thanks.  Her boss regularly ridiculed her efforts, and her coworkers loudly berated her.  She quit the horrid job last week, shaking the dust off her feet and not looking back.

This morning, she dressed in a crisp suit and strolled into her bright new workplace.  Her boss gave her a tour while coworkers greeted her with smiles, and the complimentary coffee steamed in the lounge.  The windowed walls of her new office overlook a white beach, and she only has to work a standard 8-hour day.

As she settles into her plush desk chair, Marcia sighs. “I sure miss that dungeon of an office,” she thinks.  “I wish I still worked for a spiteful boss.”


We all know that Marcia’s thoughts were far from her awful previous employment.  Certainly she was basking in the sunshine, soaking in the views, and forgetting her prior job.  Isn’t that what you would do?

Just like Marcia’s first job, I once served a torturous master: sin.  Life in bondage to sin was dark and relentless.  My sin sought to destroy me, but Jesus saved me from that horror! He gave me a new life that is bright and free.

Marcia would never consider returning to her dreary job, and I should never consider returning to a life of sin.


Christ set me free so that I can STAY free. He set me free so that I can rest in His grace.  He set me free so that I can now serve Him wholeheartedly, with the same zeal that I once served sin.

Christ set me free, and I am free indeed!

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