30 before 30: First Apartment

30 before 30: First Apartment

I cannot contain myself.  There are a hundred things that I should do right now besides write a blog post.  Yet, I find myself sitting cross-legged on my freshly-slipcovered couch, typing away.

Yesterday I moved into my first apartment, and I cannot wait to share some photos.


In a way, this apartment fell in my lap.  A friend from PIU (whom we will call R) rented a furnished basement apartment from a couple who attends a nearby Baptist church.  R graduated in May, and she moved to another part of town to rent an apartment with friends.  I asked R if her landlords planned to find another renter after she moved out, and the rest is history.




Yesterday, Mom and Dad helped me transport everything to the apartment.  They assembled my amazing white bookcases (that were in my online “cart” for 6 months while I was looking for an apartment) and helped me put the slipcovers on the sofa and chair.



I unpacked and rearranged for hours until I was satisfied with the final product.  I can only hope that I continue to love this apartment as much as I love it in this moment.


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