Mosquit-OH MY!

Mosquit-OH MY!

For ten hours on Monday, I drove south at 80 mph in the company car.  I am attending a student retention conference this week, and my goal was to reach the hotel before dinner.


About halfway to my destination, I stopped at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge to snap some nature photos and stretch my legs.  As soon as I exited the car, 1000 mosquitoes attacked me.  I ran in circles while swatting them (killing about 10 mosquitoes per swat) until I could safely return to my car.


I didn’t try to leave the car again for three hours.

Sorry there aren’t more photos of the nature preserve, but I like my blood to stay in my body.

2 thoughts on “Mosquit-OH MY!

  1. you should have contacted Uncle Dorwin. He is only about 1 hr from Orlando. He would have joined you for dinner (and maybe paid). He loves to have relatives stop by and get to know them better

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